Rubber Stamping For Beginners

When you make your first attempt at rubber stamping it may be less than successful. Don't give up. There is a way to get a clean and crisp image each time you stamp.

  1. Check your stamp for full ink coverage
  2. Pounce your stamp up and down on the ink pad
  3. Twist your stamp a time or two on the ink pad
  4. Do not rock your stamp side to side on the ink pad
  5. When applying your inked stamp to paper go straight up and down
  6. When lifting your stamp from the paper, raise it straight up
  7. Do not rock your stamp side to side when pressing it on the paper

If you follow these tips your images will come out better.

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This video is about "Heat Embossing", however I do go through the steps of inking the stamp and how to apply the stamp to paper. Hopefully the video will answer all of your questions about how to properly do your rubber stamping.