Creating a Greeting Card

Building your greeting card can seem difficult when you don't know how or where to start. What are you going to need? How much paper and what kind is best for a card? How do you get the many layers on a card? These questions are probably running around in your head. So let's take them one at a time.

The "tools" you will need to create your greeting card are:

Sliding Blade Trimmer Ruler Craft Knives

Craft Knives

Bone Folders

Bone Folders


Paper Piercer

If you can't afford a paper trimmer right now don't worry. A good firm ruler and a craft knife will work just as well. Also you can use a spoon in place of a bone folder in a pinch. A straight pin will work just fine if you don't have a paper piercer either.

The following list are supplies you will need to get your greeting card put together:

Card Stock

Card Stock

Double Sided Paper

Double Sided


Snail Adhesive

A Dry


Glue Stick

Glue Stick

Foam Pop Dots


Pop Dots



Card stock is a stiff heavy paper and usually is all one color. Designer paper is a lighter weight paper with a graphic design. Adhesives will be needed to stick the papers together. You can use a wet glue in this as well as the dry types of glue, such as what is pictured below. A word about wet glue - Make sure your glue dries CLEAR.

If you will be venturing into the world of Rubber Stamping you will need these items:

Small Stamps


Rubber Stamps

Ink Pads

Ink Pads

Stamp Cleaner



I used to be a "Stampin' Up! Demonstrator so most of the tools and supplies you will see in this website are from Stampin' Up! I no longer sell product for Stampin' Up! and I am no longer affiliated with them in any capacity.

Products similar to what I have pictured below can be purchased at your local craft/hobby store or at any online scrapbook store.

I have a YouTube video that takes you through, step by step, in the creation of a card. Measurements for the card stock and papers are listed in the video. Your card stock and printed paper choices will be different from mine, as will your embellishments and the focal point item on the card front.

After you see how a card is "built" from the base up, and make one yourself, you will see that it is a fairly simple process. The most difficult part of creating a greeting card is deciding how big it will be and how many layers you want to put on the card front.

Card making is as diverse as the people that create them. Only you know what appeals to you. What colors of card stock and patterned paper you like best, what embellishments you favor over others, if you draw well you can add your own artistic flair to the cards you make. You are giving a piece of yourself with each card you make. Don't be afraid to experiment with different techniques and texture tools. As you learn and grow your cards will reflect this. You will be on your way to making a "Uniquely You" style of cards that can't be totally duplicated by anyone else.

Have fun, explore this craft, expand your boundaries and your knowledge. Personal growth is a benefit you will receive in creating cards for your friends and family.