Basics of Card Making

Hand crafted Get Well card

When was the last time you received a card? Your birthday? A Christmas card? In this rampant flu season, have you received a Get Well card? Does someone in your family make greeting cards and always seems to have something for everybody and every event?

Cards, as you are probably all to familiar, can be purchased nearly everywhere. I'm surprised they have not appeared yet at the corner gas station. Ooops, maybe should not talk out loud on that one. From the grocery store to card centers like Hallmark, greeting cards are everywhere. Unless you live in a small town in western Kansas where it is 60 miles to a bigger town. These cards are cute and funny and so easy to just grab one from the shelf, along with the provided envelope, and stick it in the mail.

Paper crafting has changed so much over the years while card making has remained about the same EXCEPT the papers and tools of scrapbooks have been included in card making. Blending the two crafts has made anyone that has a passion for paper, such as myself, pretty happy with all the things that can be done for the special people in your life.

In this section I'm going to take you through the card making process. The tools you will need are covered in the TOOLS section of this website. Rubber Stamping will be covered in this section. Although you can use rubber stamps in scrapbooks too, it is card making where the stamps do the bulk of the work.

So, come on. Let's get started on making cards.