Supplies or Products

This section is about the various crafting supplies available to you. Each crafter has unique abilities and tastes. Some are into the "Shabby Chic" style while others are into the "Vintage" style. Some crafters, such as myself, don't have a "Style" and dabble in a little bit of everything.

Manufacturers of craft supplies have a tricky job. They have to provide products for all styles of crafting. The individual crafter is who the manufacturers rely on to know what products sell and which languish away.

Paper manufactures are constantly trying to keep their "Fingers on the Pulse" of crafters. Their designers create beautiful papers for us in the hopes that we will fall in love with what we see.

The diversity of paper products and manufacturers is mind boggling. Some are known for their nature themed products, others for their geometrical designs, then there are the graphic papers with their bold and rich designs.

Here is a list of manufacturers I look for when I search for paper.

Are you "googly-eyed yet?! Paper is your starting point when crafting. The images, graphics, designs, colors, lines, texture, and feel of the paper is what gets me all the time and draws me in. I LOVE paper. I just love to hold it, feel it, and look at it. I have trouble cutting into some of the papers because they are so beautiful!

Once you have decided on a project what do you use to bring it all together? Flowers, lace, glitter, brads, buttons, bookplates, half back pearls, rhinestones, flourishes, feathers, lace, ribbon? The list is endless for the types of things you can put on your pages or greeting cards.

In this section you will find the products I use in my crafting and where I purchase them. Mostly I use my local craft/hobby store for this. I have a local scrapbook store that sells most of the products I use and I can request a particular product to be ordered for me.

All of these products can be purchased at online stores and I do use a couple of them. The online stores I do business with are:

My local fabric shop is where I purchase lace, fabric, trim and buttons.

For the products I use, such as adhesives, I go to my local craft/hobby store. Some products I purchase online but I mostly use my craft/hobby stores. I try to keep my money spent within my community instead of shopping online but there are times it is necessary to do so.

This section of my website is still under construction. I am adding pages and items daily so keep checking in to see what new "Navigation Buttons" have been added. They are located on the left side and you can click on any you are interested in to see what each section is about.

I hope you will find what you are looking for to make your paper crafting an enjoyable experience.