Coluzzle cutting system

The Coluzzle is a graduating shape cutting system. It comes in a variety of sizes, shapes, and alphabet fonts. There is a plastic fiber cutting mat that comes with the Coluzzle and a special swivel blade cutting knife.

Using the Coluzzle

In this example I have the "Oval" guide lain over a photo. Locate the oval cutting area that your photo will fully fit in and cut on the appropriate line. In the photo you see there are several oval cutting areas. Counting from the very center of the Coluzzle, to up two more lines and you will see that cutting area will include all of the people in the photo without lopping off someone's head. Placing the Coluzzle on card stock or patterned paper as a photo matte you can cut an area larger than the first cut to have a border around your photo.

The Coluzzle is a good cutting system to have when you have very limited space and a very small budget. The Coluzzle Package costs about $20 and comes with the foam fiber mat, swivel blade cutter, and sometimes two cutting guides. The cutting guides can be purchased separately for alphabet fonts and other shapes.

There is a particular way of using the swivel blade with this system. It is very easy to damage the plastic guides, as I have done on many of these, and your cuts can be a bit wonky. In the video below you will see the proper way to use the Coluzzle and I tell you what not to do and you see my mistakes.

I am no longer a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator. This product is NO LONGER AVAILABLE through Stampin' Up! This video is for instruction purposes only.

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